20 Reasons why you should choose a Destination Wedding

  • 1. Destination weddings are more affordable than traditional weddings. That’s right. You can save up to 40% on the cost of a wedding if you do it abroad.
  • 2. Your wedding pictures will be way better than everyone else’s. Your backdrop will be a beautiful beach, sunset, spectacular mountains, a hillside view of the city or anything you want.
  • 3. You get a honeymoon, a wedding and a holiday out of the experience. How about tripling up on a vacation, wedding and then spending extra days after your guest are gone to enjoy some honeymoon days with your partner.
  • 4. Being on a beach is way better than sitting in a banquet hall. If I had to pick, I would choose the beach. Just saying.
  • 5. Your wedding guest will be way more excited about attending your wedding. Everyone gets excited about going on vacation. The fact that you are getting married will make the trip even more special.
  • 6. It’s a great opportunity to sneak in a bucket list trip. When you plan your destination wedding, you will most likely be picking a destination that is very special to both you and your partner. One that is probably on your bucket-list.
  • 7. Your wedding lasts an entire week instead of a single day. How about a full week of wedding celebrations? Sounds way more fun than having everything over in a single day and life is back to normal.
  • 8. You get to leave all the stress at home and enjoy your wedding. When you are in a foreign location, you leave all the stress of your regular life behind so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the special moment with your partner and loved ones.
  • 9. Your wedding will be unique. It is no fun when your wedding pictures look almost the same as every other married person in the office. Same location, same photographer and the same décor from the same wedding planner. You get to be different.
  • 10. You get to say your vows anywhere you want. On the cliffs, on the beach, in a banquet room, take your pick of locations to have your wedding ceremony.
  • 11. You get to ignore tired local traditions and create your own. We respect our local traditions, but on your special day, you kind of want to create your unique memories. When you have a destination wedding, you get to make up your own.
  • 12. You get to save money on expensive décor. When your setting is made up of lovely green mountains, beaches, lush gardens, the sunshine and the ocean, that’s all the décor you need.
  • 13. The bride and groom can get their room for free. Most wedding resorts offer incentives for couples to bring their wedding ceremony to their hotel. If you have a certain number of guests confirmed at the hotel for your wedding, you may get your room for free along with additional perks.
  • 14. You will get treated like royalty by the resort staff. Hotel staff are at your service fulfilling your every demand right around the clock. They make you feel special and important.
  • 15. You get to spend more time with your loved ones during your this special time. You have a full 4 – 7 days, even more, to bond with your partner and your guests without any distractions.
  • 16. You have a beautiful place to come back to for your milestone anniversaries. The location you choose now becomes a special place in your relationship that you can return to for anniversaries or special vacations.
  • 17. Your guests will never forget your wedding date because it was also a vacation for them. Among the dates people never forget, are there vacation dates. Your wedding day will now get added to that list of select dates.
  • 18. When you get married on the beach, you do not need to spend money on expensive wedding shoes. It’s really hard to walk in stilettos on the beach, so why bother. Save the money and go bare-footed.
  • 19. Your guest don’t have to worry about driving home or waking up at any time the next day if at all.
  • 20. You will be following in the footsteps of the rich and famous. Exotic weddings were first a thing that only celebrities and rich people do. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the same time of experience without being a multi-millionaire
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