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Your wedding day is likely to be one of the biggest and most important days of your life, and at Kwa Moyo Wedding Planning we look to help ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch. Based in Diani Beach we offer wedding planning services across Kenya. We understand that the wedding planner becomes the couple’s best friend in the lead-up to her wedding, taking care of all the details, smoothing out problems and keeping track of all the service providers involved. Removing stress and hassle from the bridal couple’s shoulders, so all you have to do is make fun decisions. At Kwa Moyo, our wedding planner can supervise the entire wedding ‘operation’ – from booking the venue, organising invitations, and even finalizing the honeymoon, or just help with parts of the plan that you would prefer not to.

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“It is with great pleasure and pride to be associated with you Salima! The past three weddings at The Maji, which have been handled by you, were an extreme success. I truly can feel your passion and see that you understand what a bride desires for her special day. The way you handle the various sides involved in a wedding, including us as a venue and caterer, cannot be praised enough. Keep up the great work!”

Stephan Meves, (former General Manager The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel)

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“To put it simply, I would hire Salima AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Communication: SPECTACULAR. For background, we are clients from the US with extremely busy work schedules.
Example #1: She worked around our major time difference and my busy work schedule with very late night/early morning meetings. She also made a very big exception and had a meeting with me on her personal, family time for my convenience.
Example #2: She was very punctual for meetings and quick to reply to emails/whatsapp. I also really appreciated that when she was unable to answer in the short-term, she would let me know she received my query and would get back to me by X date (which she always did).
Example #3: She was also present at several meetings I had with other vendors to give insight and direction.

Reliability: OUTSTANDING. The best thing about Salima is that I felt I could trust her entirely to make my and my husband’s dream wedding come true. No matter how obscure my request, she was able to get it done.
Example #1: my husband wanted to skydive as his entrance to the wedding and not only did she help find a company to make this happen, but she facilitated the requirements needed for him to land on the beach right in front of our alter.
Example #2: given that the majority of our guests were international, many of them needed COVID testing upon their return home. Salima used her connections to coordinate a private COVID testing booth at our venue and ensured that each person got their results in time.
Example #3: We wanted to give return gifts that would benefit the local community. We also wanted to use luggage tags as our reception table seating arrangements. She helped do 2-in-1 by sourcing the tags from Children of Africa’s Emel Project.
Example #4: We sent my wedding clothes to Diani ahead of time and Salima was willing to personally hold them safely until we arrived. (If this doesn’t show how much I trusted her, I don’t know what will).

Connections: AMAZING. We were unable to see our venue or meet our vendors prior to our actual wedding. Thankfully, Salima knows THE BEST people and helped curate a dream team.
Example #1: We were indecisive about a venue as we could not see any in person. Salima diligently discussed which venues would best meet our needs. She went to our venue several times and met with the venue’s coordinator in our place. She even took videos of where to host each event with excellent (and very cute) narration.
Example #2: Any vendor we had difficulty reaching, Salima would be able to get a response from them within 24 hours.
Example #3: 100% of the vendors we used knew Salima and had nothing but great things to say about her.

Personality: BEAUTIFUL. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face, no matter what the situation. She made me feel at ease during the wedding itself; always calm, helpful, and reassuring.
Example #1: As I was getting ready for my Mehendi event, I mentioned pink flowers would look nice in my hair. Without a second thought, Salima went and picked them herself.
Example #2: Throughout our several meetings, Salima was able to handle multiple personalities with such grace and patience.
Example #3: Diani gets HOT. Salima constantly checked in to ensure I was hydrated (and fed) and when she saw I wasn’t, she personally got me water herself.
Example #4: She has an equally beautiful team. We were doing the Jerusalema dance during the Baarat and her team joined us which added a pepp in everyone’s step.
Example #5: There are some feelings that simply cannot be put into words. I looked forward to her messages and was excited about our meetings. And when I finally met her in person, I couldn’t help but give her a giant hug.

These are just a few of the many examples that show how exceptional Salima is. She and her team executed all of the events flawlessly. I feel blessed to have found her to coordinate the most important day of my and my husband’s life.

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.”

Sarina and Akshay

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“We worked with Salima for our June 2014 wedding at the Maji Beach Boutique Hotel. She came with the wedding package at the Maji and we couldn’t be happier that it was her.. Salima is very detailed oriented, passionate and committed to her work. We were so pleased to work with her as we live in Nairobi so planning a wedding in Diani was cumbersome, given the distance. She knows the area very well, sourced specific items for our ceremony that we wouldn’t otherwise been able to find without her. Aside from being a great planner , she is also an awesome person, she deeply cares about her clients and treat each wedding as if it’s her own. We had some hiccups on the day and Salima did everything she could to mitigate the situation without letting us find out, showing us how much she cared to assure we hve a stress free day. We recommend Salima to any couple who is looking to have a low stress, organized and stellar wedding. She is a gem.”

Ghoncheh & Jason Lee

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“I cannot thank Salima enough for all the hard work she put in to make our wedding so special. She is dedicated, hardworking and truly has a passion for what she does. Not only she is creative but she will also let you know when things are not possible with her one main goal of achieving the most perfect day for the bride and groom. It was such an amazing feeling to wake up on our wedding day, knowing that everything would be looked after and was in the hands of a true professional. I highly recommend Salima to any future bride and we couldn’t have done it without you. My only wish is that we could do it all over again!”

Olivia & Jay Williams

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“I was initially quite hesitant on having a wedding planner, didnt think anyone could deliver what we wanted within our budget. In the end we decided on hiring Salima for our wedding which took place at the Swahili House on Tiwi Beach on 31st October 2015, as we knew we could not plan this 2 day wedding whilst working and living in Nairobi. She was amazing! I can now say that we could not have done it without her. She helped us plan our special two days exactly as we had it pictured in our minds. It was very easy to work with her as she got the look and feel of the wedding very quickly. My wedding altar was made by her and it looked exactly like the images that I had shared with her, just beautiful. She is well organised, a good communicator, energetic and creative. Her passion for her career does show in the work that she delivers. I was relaxed throughout the 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed my wedding. I would highly recommend Salima to anyone who is planning a wedding in Diani. I wish we could do it all over again :).”

Nirmal Pattni & Niraj Varia

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“Salima – You were FANTASTIC. I can’t thank you enough for coordinating our wedding. You made our evening effortless and allowed us to focus on friends, family and fun. I didn’t have to think about anything other than having a great time and enjoying my guests, and always you were behind the scenes making sure everything was perfect for us.
Thank you also for all of your help and advice prior to the wedding. Your design sense was impeccable and your execution was flawless! I couldn’t be happier with the way the wedding turned out and am so glad we decided to have you for the whole planning period. You turned my vision into a reality and filled in all the gaps. It was absolutely stunning. We got exactly what we asked for. The entire night had the exact vibe, look and feel that we had envisioned. Thank you so much Salima- you are truly amazing at what you do and more importantly, we can all tell that you love doing it.
​I can’t thank you enough! Mutinda and I had the most incredible time and definitely recommend you to our friends :)
Thank you Thank you, Thank you again for everything!”

Janet & Mutinda

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“Salima was an absolute God send, she was so professional and patient whilst dealing with us. She ensured we got exactly what we wanted although we were slow in making decisions. We didn’t need to call her on the day as her and her team were at the hotel on time.
They operated independently from the wedding party which was excellent as people were stressed on the day. From the ceremony to the reception the decorations were flawless and exactly what we had chosen.
If we were to do it again we would hire her for the full wedding coordination as it would have made the day less stressful. ”

Tania & Charles Ezekafor

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“It’s almost a year since my beautiful wedding and reception, thanks to having the perfect wedding planner through it all.
From our very first communication via email, I knew Salima would make a great wedding planner. Her attention to detail made it easy for a hard-to-please bride like me to be at ease. She was so easy to work with, and responded to texts and emails promptly. Salima gave it her all to make my vision come to live. She was also not shy to tell me when I was being unrealistic, which I must admit was often much needed.
On the wedding day, the whole ceremony and reception setups were wonderful – See photos. I loved it, and so did the guests. Salima’s work is indeed tasteful and wedding worthy.
She was pleasant and calm throughout the whole process, which made the experience much more enjoyable.
I highly recommend her to all those seeking a detail-orientated, pleasant, and easy to work with wedding planner to make their dream wedding come true. I know I’ll be using her services again at our vow renewal if she is still in the business.”

Nzembi & Nathan Tonlaar

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“Salima was an incredible wedding planner. Right from the beginning when we had our initial meeting we were struck by how organised and efficient she was. We immediately felt relaxed and knew we were in very competent hands. She was always available for advice and guided us through everything. Not only was she all the above she was also always offering suggestions to improve the day. On the day itself we were completely blown away by how perfect the layout was. It was more than we could ever imagined and we have Salima to thank for that. Amazing work and we would definitely recommend her! ”

Georgine & Mark Van Ginkel-Taylor

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“On 3rd September 2016, our wedding was a success because of Salima’s hard work. It was not easy planning a wedding from Switzerland and considering the time difference and trust you have to put on people to assist you in planning. So we decided to use Salima’s wedding planning services and we were not disappointed. She helped us with our planning and when we could not make decisions, her suggestions were always amazing. She is an absolute professional, a good listener and very reliable. She oversaw the ceremony efficiently and effortlessly. It was amazing how well she could instantly know what our likes and dislikes in terms of wedding setup and themes were. On the wedding day, everything from the setup, organisation and planning was carried out to perfection. In conclusion, our memorable day would not have been possible without Salima. Many thanks Salima!!”

Josiane & Billy Tuitoek

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“After deciding to spend the rest of our lives together, one of the most important choices was to pick to work with Salima as our wedding organizer. we decided to work with her from the very beginning to the big day itself. Salima shared our vision, and helped us with site selection for our destination wedding in Diani and helped us lower our carbon footprint by sourcing all-local wedding vendors and materials. We had hoped to find vendors based in the Coast for all our needs, and she helped us connect with the very best of vendors personally and by email as we planned while based in Nairobi and Germany. If we could have described our whole time with Salima, it was more than essential to work with her. She kept us on schedule with short time frames and she is absolutely wonderful as a person because her love and passion for excellence comes through brilliantly.
We had shopped through a long list of wedding organisers in Kenya and had not met someone who was as flexible, and creative and colourful, the way we wished for our own wedding. We both wanted to design and customise and create, and both came with lots of ideas and suggestions which Salima helped bring to life, from a Swahili themed table setting and ceremony decor, to helping us connect with the best Henna artist in Kenya for the bride, the best band in Africa – Safari Sounds Band, and the best photographer Abbas of Purple Vase Photography and Kokkos Cafe in Diani for our beautiful cake.
Salima is Italian and Kenyan. She keeps time, and gets the perspective of the Kenyan and international bridal couple. Any couple wishing to take their classic and off the beaten path wedding planning must connect and work with her for all the planning and execution of the plan from start to finish.
Thank you Salima. We wish you could take over organising all our events. With any luck, and with all the blessings, we wish you the very best!
Ps: Salima, have you considered being a life planner? When can we sign up?”

Josephine & Peter Karimurio

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“We were so happy to be been introduced to Salima by a friend of ours; as planning a wedding in Diani all the way from London would have been a mighty task! We only met once before the wedding, at the venue, on a very hot day. Walking around the hotel it was obvious that we were on the same page from the get go, despite everyone else pushing us to do things differently. Although my husband and I had a clear vision in mind of how we wanted our wedding to be i.e. simple, fun and classy, Salima added so much value in terms of ideas and was always on hand to: discuss ideas, let us know when we were going out of plan/budget and calm everyone down! I have yet to meet anyone who has found a wedding planner who does EVERYTHING, so do not expect that you will not have to put a huge amount of work in initially; just rest assured that once you reach your wedding venue, Salima will have delivered and you won’t have to worry about the bits she is responsible for! Thanks Salima for helping make our dream wedding come true!”

Parita Ghalay & Kevan Patel

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“We wouldn’t know where to start. Salima, you have been absolutely amazing. Our dream beach wedding wouldn’t have happened without you. You are professional, energetic, organized and hands on. We also had fun working with you. From the very beginning of planning to the very end, you were always there with great advice. You understood our schedule and made the wedding planning process easy. We were hardly stressed because we knew you had everything under control and every detail covered. Thank you for making our wedding a weekend we will never forget. We highly recommend Salima, as the ultimate wedding planner.”

Azra Premji & Salim Charania

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“For some people, committing to a lifetime together is scary. For Alex and I, the scariest thing was trying to figure out how to organize the party of a lifetime with people from all over the world in Kenya in the midst of multiple election madness. This brings me to Salima.
First, and most importantly, she has a beautiful spirit and is an absolute joy to be around. She is calm, organized and knows how to get everything done, seemingly effortlessly. There is no one on the coast who knows all the vendors, can negotiate the best deals and crank out a beautiful execution while you just focus on entertaining your loved ones. Second, she has an amazing aesthetic. She can deliver your vision and even help you create a vision for a beautiful evening. Third, she just takes care of things. When my beloved groom went missing during a boozy lunch and forgets to meet the photographer for photos or when I forgot to select music to walk out to – she handled everything in the moment so Alex and I didn’t have to.
Not only did Salima deliver perfection and multiple days of joyous celebrations, but all of the prep work that should have been tedious and stressful was lots of fun. Salima is a unicorn, one of a kind and exudes magic, I cannot recommend anyone more highly.”

Alex & Erica Animashaun

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“Natasha & Mnikelo Qubu
​From the moment we first started communicating with Salima , we felt comfortable and confident that we’d made the right choice in having her as our wedding planner. We’d contacted a few other people they either delayed getting back to me, gave excuses for sending quotes late or were difficult to communicate with. Some had sent pictures of previous work done and it was clear that they would struggle to see our vision, as the standard we required was clearly not within their capabilities.
Salima was both professional and friendly and made the process much easier than we even expected. She sent us information upfront, before we even asked, detailing how she worked, what services she offered, costs and links to previous work, which made it easy for us to make the decision and secure her as our planner.
The process
Over the following months we worked with Salima in creating exactly the kind of wedding we envisioned and she was great at giving advice of the various available options, as well as letting us know what was possible and what was not. Salima ensured that she paired us with vendors who could execute what we had envisioned, from the music, to the set-up, to the photography and videography, hair and make-up professionals and all other non-standard components such as the massai dancers, sand ceremony equipment suppliers and even secured a massai spear which we had requested.
She went above and beyond the task in how she in managed all the various components and we are so grateful for having chosen her. The process was smooth and NEVER stressful. We could in turn focus on other elements as this was a destination wedding and managing our guests was also a huge task, as Salima always had everything under control and was always organised, on time and things were always done to perfection.
The Day
Our big day was nothing short of spectacular! Again, Salima and the team’s presence meant that we could focus on getting ready, leaving everything to their capable hands. Everything was stunning and it felt surreal seeing our vision come to life. Every detail was well executed and we could just live in the moment, without worries and enjoy an incredible day with our family and friends.
We are so grateful for having chosen Salima and we cannot express this gratitude enough. Not only is she great at what she does, she is great as a person and it was always enjoyable having her around, so much so I felt we’d even established a friendship bond with her. For us, we believe that one doesn’t work with people to create magic, but instead that one partners with people to create magic…and Salima was definitely not just a service provider, but rather a partner, turned friend.
To Salima
Mnikelo and I cannot thank you enough for making our vision of magic into reality. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for always bringing good vibes to any and all spaces of interaction. We appreciate everything you have done for us and wish you all the blessing in your work and personal life. Loads of love and light to your beautiful family”

Natasha & Mnikelo Qubu

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“Planning a destination wedding is difficult, but Salima made our journey very easy from the start. I like the way she has a relaxed yet informative approach to every suggestion, even if they sound crazy! She is very honest on what can be done, and what cannot, which I believe is very important when planning anything, especially your big day.
Throughout the year we shifted the wedding date once, and Salima was very helpful and understanding on our decision.
We kept in touch on WhatsApp on a regular basis, and she would always be very prompt in replying. We arranged skype chats, and her enthusiasm, knowledge on wedding planning, and friendly approach would leave us very happy and calm, even when we both got frustrated on small matters!
I was flying to the venue in Mombasa from Dubai, and my guests arrived at the hotel in Mombasa two days before my arrival.
I spoke to Salima and asked her if I should come at the same time to make sure they are comfortable, and go over the wedding plans. Salima assured me right away that there was no need for me to change my plans, as she was there on the ground taking care of all arrangements. This made me feel very relaxed before my big day.
The day I arrived in Mombasa, Salima met us in the afternoon. She had everything well under control, explained in full details the schedule of the three days we had planned together, and we both felt so happy after meeting Salima that day, and knew everything would go to plan, which it did!
Throughout each event, Salima would discreetly be there making sure, everything is running perfect, and she always had a smile on her face.
My wife and I would like to thank Salima and her fantastic team so much for everything they did for our wedding. You made sure we had our dream wedding, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. All our guests had a fantastic time throughout, and felt as if it was a fairytale. They are still (after four months) talking about the wedding.
I recommend Salima to any couple who is planning to get married in Kenya. She is just amazing!!”

Kavita Chudasama & Ricky Joshi

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“Wedding planning can be a very daunting task, and even more so when you are planning a wedding from thousands of miles away. We connected with Salima as she came very highly recommended and I am so glad we did! Salima was incredibly efficient listened to our needs, and very carefully ensured that we got our dream wedding, down to the very last detail. She accommodated our late night calls due to time zone differences between Canada and Kenya (all while ushering in a beautiful baby into the world) and checked in with us regularly on the progress of the planning which included obtaining all the necessary documentation for us all the way down to the choice of Silverware. Our wedding at Swahili Beach Resort was perfect!

Salima has a fantastic selection of high quality vendors that she works with and we are forever grateful to Kwa Moyo weddings and if weddings were an annual (and cheap) thing, we would do it all over again!! From the bottom of our hearts, Jason and I are so appreciative of all your hard work, and meticulously detailed eye. Merci pour tout, Salima, nous sommes si reconnaissants !!

With love from Toronto,”

Kinya and Jason Baker

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“Working with Salima as the wedding planner for our big day has been by far, the best decision we made. She took care of everything and she has been available 100% of the time. She helped us to have a very smooth process, she made it easy!!! We have enjoyed working with her and the most important part, the wedding was just PERFECT. She gave us a lot of valuable inputs and at the same time, she respected every decision and idea we had. She is very flexible and professional and she has very good contacts for the suppliers, we are very happy with all of them (the Deco was amazing!). We had a true fairy tale wedding, everything was so beautiful and the organization was great. We totally recommend her job to help anyone to plan and design the most beautiful day of their lives.”

Bego & Kins Gachie

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